Get Paid To Click and Earn Money from Home

Did you know there are sites that are willing to pay you to click Ads?
Did you also know that it's FREE to sign up to them?

You can earn money online, right now, there are already tens of thousands of people that are paid to work at home, some are making a tidy sum just by clicking on a link. Paid to Click Sites or PTC offer FREE Memberships so you can make cash at home right away. Some Get Paid to Click Sites even offer you cash in your account just for signing up. Many PTC's I've listed are well paying so earnings are great even if you're clicking alone.

Here are some of the PTC sites:


** AP - AlertPay, PP - Paypal, eG - e-Gold, MB - MoneyBookers

Site Name Cash Out Min. Per Click Payment
Neobux $3.00 up to $0.02 AP
Incomebux $1.00 $0.0100 AP, eG, MB
Take The Globe $10.00 $0.0050 AP
The Rich Cash $1.50 $0.0050 AP
Clixsense $10 $0.01 Check
B-U-X.net $$5 $0.01 AP

More to come....

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  1. ay nako mommy irish! I get bored with PTC...hmmm but thanks for the info...i'm storing them for future reference... :)

    Deranged Insanity
    Traipsey Turvey