Minute Burger Franchise


1. Business Operations Support

· Assistance in Site Evaluation
· Supervision in Store construction
· Facilitation in purchasing Store Signages
· Guidance in securing necessary business permits
· Logistics – Stock Delivery
· Access to the central commissary
· Regular store audits
· Franchise Operations Manual
· Periodic review of finances
· Automated Store Management System

2. Management Training Services

· Training in Management, Sales and Finance Operations for Franchisee
· Training in Product Knowledge and Customer Service for Store Crew
· On-site inspection to ensure the highest standard of Customer service

3. Marketing and Promotional Support

· Advertising and promotional services
· Monthly company newsletter
· Regular meetings/conferences with fellow Franchisees
· Local store marketing
· Grand Opening assistance

Minute Burger Franchisees must possess:

1. A strong desire to continuously learn and apply successful business methods to ensure the profitability of the franchise.
2. The willingness to devote full-time to oversee day-to-day operations.
3. Strong leadership traits and must be people-oriented.
4. A willingness to assume risks and reap the rewards of running multiple stores.
5. Personal and non-borrowed finances for the investment.
6. No direct or indirect affiliations with similar or competing business

Franchise Application Procedure
Please fill up the online application form or send your contact information via fax number (632) 776-7339 or email info@minuteburger.com.

For more information, you may check their website at: http://www.minuteburger.com/

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