Hapinoy - Store for Happy Pinoy

If you are a filipino or for once lived in the Philippines. The sari sari store (variety store) is the country's original convenience store.

So what is Hapinoy?

A new social business enterprise launches "Hapinoy" initiative to bring new income opportunities to poor communities.

"Hapinoy - ang tindahan ng haping Pinoy!" is the first large-scale branded sari sari store chain owned and run by microentrepreneurs.

Hapinoy envisions this empowerment to be brought about easier access to business capital, direct linkages with product manufacturers, and specialized training for microentrepreneurs. For this purpose, Hapinoy partners with microfinancing institutions (MFIs) and cooperative to assits microentrepreneurs in growing thier business.

Each paticipating microentrepreneurs will be given the opportunity to achieve higher sales and profit by giving them easier access to goods at a more affordable price. They will be directly linked to partner manufacturers like Unilever, Nestle, and Oishi, among others, as well as telecom giant Smart Communications.

This aims to increase the profit of the sari-sari store and at the same time serve as a channel for the manufacturer to reach more people in the market.

The vision of Hapinoy is to have 40,000 Hapinoy store by the end of 2008. For more information, you may visit http://hapinoy.com/



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