My First Snapbomb Payment

I've been blogging for quite sometime now, and I just learned Snapbomb through my friend. Snapbomb Blog Marketing is a paid to post website. You will get paid by writing a post about the advertisers topic.

How does Snapbomb works?

First, you have to be a registered blogger in Snapbomb. Don't worry registration is free. Second, add your blog or blogs. Once your blog has been evaluated, you may now check and choose the opportunities that are available to you. Then, blog about the advertisers topic and campaign description. Though it has a few writing guidelines:
  • Must be original content written by yourself
  • Must be a minimum of 150 words, but keep in mind that advertisers will be rating your posts so quality and quantity are very important.
Lastly, submit the link of your post and wait for Snapbomb to approve it. After a month from the time your created post was approved, you will get paid via Paypal. There is no minimum payment.

It's so easy, right? And you know what? I got my first payment from Snapbomb. Here's the proof that Snapbomb really pays.

So if you like to earn money through blogging, I recommend Snapbomb.


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