Bills, Bills, and Bills

It's only the second week of October, but I'm already worrying about the last week of this month. Most of our bills are due on the last week. My husband receives a notification that his minimum due for his credit card is more or less $170. And that is almost all of his expected salary on the 25th. I only have $150 on my Paypal account.

We have to pay our electric bill (approximate of $21), phone and internet bill ($34), monthly association dues ($17), my credit card (almost $80) and I still have balance for my last month's credit card bill ($57). Our total bills for this month is $376.

I'm beginning to lose hope. I'm already planning to sell my laptop for $700. Though, I'm still waiting for my back pay from my previous company. I'm expecting at least $400 from them. But I haven't receive any word if my money is ready already. I'm really losing my hope. Maybe, it's time to look for a new job, and say goodbye to blogging world.


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