Coffee Break

I'm tired and I'm so sleepy but I have so many tasks to finish, I guess it's time for my coffee break.

I'm a coffee lover. I drink coffee whenever I'm home or at local coffee stores. I really like the smell the coffee especially when it is brewed. Nothing beats the aroma of a brewed coffee.

I enjoy drinking coffee not only because it increases my alertness, but it is also good for our health. Coffee contains antioxidants that defense us from unhealthy products of oxidation. Antioxidants help address oxidative stress caused by free radicals that damage the cells causing a wide array of diseases. So, more antioxidants we take, the more we are protected.

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Anyway, my coffee is ready. If you want to know more about Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, Inc., you may visit their website at IntelligentsiaCoffee.com. Now, let me enjoy my hot brewed coffee.

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