Do you know Dennis C. Carey?

Dennis C. Carey is a well-known person in the corporate recruitment world especially when it comes to helping the largest companies search for high-caliber top management. He specializes in the recruitment of CEOs and corporate directors.

His credentials are very impressive. He holds a Ph.D. in finance and administration from the University of Maryland. He has a rich portfolio of previous work experiences which includes serving as managing director at Hay Management Consultants; Secretary of Labor and Industry to Governor Pierre S. Dupont IV; and vice president of the University of Delaware.

He also wrote several articles related to corporate governance, directory recruitment, and more. Three books were published under his name and one of them is the CEO Succession.

Currently, he serves as managing director of AirClic, The Edgewater Funds, and Wharton’s Director's Institute. He also serves as an arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association; a position he has been holding since 1981.

So, if you need help with CEO succession, Dennis Carey is the name you should look for.


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