IsabelMarco not paying standard members

There is an announcement from IsabelMarco that they will only pay premium members.
They send the announcement through email and here what it says:
IsabelMarco.com - Announcements

At IM we are currently trying to stabilize the system out so that we can pay everyone, however to do this we need to make some changes to get back on track,

Our recent announcement to not pay standard members was a hard decision for us to make however due to the volume of cheaters in the system this was the only method we feel that will work at the moment.

We hope to reverse this decision in the near furture but the premium members are our priority as they are the investors that keep IM running.
There are so many questions running through my mind. I was really shocked because as a standard member I made a payout request last 30-Aug-2008. And I'm not sure if I'll be paid. What will happen to my referrals? Most of them are standard members. I will definitely lose my referrals and of course my money. I invested some money. I purchased 15 referrals from them and 1 month premium membership. I even purchased 15 more referrals using my cousin's account.

I really feel this is not a good decision. I hope they will revert it back to previous payout process.


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