Types of Credit Cards

Credit cards are one of the most common type of personal and unsecured loans. Also known as the plastic currency, credit cards allows you to make purchase without carrying large amounts of cash. It can also brings you added convenience in settling your bills.

But before you apply for new credit cards, better check each card's features to know what better suits your needs.

If you are a person that wants some reward programs, the right card for you is the one with cash back credit card deals. These cards offer cash back or other reward incentives. This is a great feature since it gives you rewards from your everyday purchases.

However, if your credit history is bad, don't worry because there are credit cards for bad credit. These cards may help you rebuild your credit.

But for me, I prefer balance transfer credit cards because I have so many cards and I need to consolidate my credit card debt onto one card, This also helps me save money because it lowers the interest rates.

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