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I was watching some videos on YouTube when I ran across these two videos that are humorous in nature: Call to Arms and Multi-Talented.

In Call to Arms video, the video uploader is talking about how Phase2 conquer the world and replacing all the IT professionals. But he thinks that Phase2 cannot do that. He seems pretty serious but I think he is drunk. Thou he sais he was really frustrated on the issue of Phase2.

Meanwhile, in Multi-Talented video, a guy showing all of his talents that he said Phase2 does not have. I think he does not like Phase2 because Phase2 took his old job. I thinks he is an IT professional too like the man on the first video.

I was really curoius why they are mad at Phase2. So, I did some research then I found out about Software as a service (SaaS). I learned that Phase2.com offers SaaS that can help anyone to start their own business. SaaS is a model software deployment that you can access thourgh the use of Internet. So there is no need to install anything on your PC or servers. Now, I get it. This is the reason why those IT professional in the videos are scared of Phase2.

Anyway, watch those two videos that I mention above and if you are digg user, you may dig these videos here: Digg Call to Arms and Digg Multi-Talented.


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