Active Directory Tools

While I was cleaning our room, I found my husband's old book about business management. Since I'm interested to have my own business, I scanned and read some pages. One page caught my attention, it was about Active Directory Management. To be honest, I don't have any idea about Active Directory Tools. The only directory I know is a website that allows internet users to browse through links based on categories or search based on key words.

So eager to learn more about it, I sat down and read the rest of the chapter. I learned that Active Directory is important in a company. Active Directory or sometimes called as AD is a technology created by Microsoft that provides a variety of network services. It stores information and data including user account across the domain. It is a great way to organize a large organization or corporation's computers data and network.

This book also discusses about Exchange Management. This will help you prevent problems in regards with downtime resulting from misconfiguration. However, this book has limited information about Exchange Management, so I searched online to find out more about this and I found a site called Ensim. Ensim Corporation is a leading provider of infrastructure management software for the enterprise and service provider industries. Not only they provide an effective exchange tools, they also provide information on Active Directory, Mobility including Blackberry and Smart Phone and more. They even have resources like case studies, podcast and demos that can be helpful to those who are not aware about these products.

So if you want to learn more about their product and services, just visit this site today. Catch you later, I have some readings to do.


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