Business Franchise: My Goal For Next Year

Last Saturday, Mitch, Gabs and I had a mini gathering. This is not the first time we've met. We had our first get together during the Pantene Bloggers' Night Out. Anyway, twe planned to meet up in Robinson's Galeria at 2PM, but as usual, Gabs and I were late. A round 4 PM, Gabs and I accompanied Mitch to Greenhills for her planned Business Franchise.

When we arrived at Annapolis st., we met Ms. Em of Filtrepreneur. We started with food tasting. We had siomai and siopao. Yummy!

Then, Ms Em. discussed about the benefits and requirements for a business franchise especially for franchising a food cart.

With the projected sales given to Mitch, venturing a business franchise is now my new goal for next year.


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