Earning Money From Perfumes

The night we went to Nuffnang's First Event in the Philippines, I bought a cologne from Bench. I really love the long lasting scent of this cologne. It made especially for women.

Capture eau de cologne

Speaking of colognes, venturing to perfume business is another good idea. My mom thought us how to make colognes. She used to sell affordable colognes. I think she's still offering hands on training on perfume making. As far as I can remember, there is a kit that costs Php 550 or around $11. The kit includes the scent of your choice, 12 perfume containers, and the chemicals to be used. Trust me it easy. With the right knowledge, you can be able to set up a small business in an instant. If you are interested, just message me. And I'll ask my mom is she still conducting hands on training.

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