Foundation Repair

While my mother in law is staying with us for vacation, they have decided to renovate their house in Caloocan, City.

My father in law said there is foundation repair needed because it is already cracking. According to my husband's uncle who is a carpenter, "foundation crack is a serious matter especially when it is too big." These cracks indicate that there might be construction defects, shifting ground, or moisture problems in the ground under and around the foundation. These are just some of the things that can cause foundation cracks.

Foundation cracks should not be ignored even if it is a hairline crack only. Foundation cracks can be serious regardless of the type of crack. But you should be alarmed if there are big cracks in interior walls near door or window corners and doors and windows do not open or close properly.

They asked some experts in home repairs to look at their house and see what other things needed to be fixed. Since we believe that home should be the safest place in the whole world, experts are planning to do a complete home foundation repair. That is based on what I've heard, so I guess my mother in law will stay here for a couple of weeks.


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