His Treat

After the 21st Awit Awards night, we decided to have our dinner at Dencio's in Eastwood City. My husband ordered 4 bottles of beer, 1 garlic rice and 1 plain rice, crispy sisig, kare-kareng gulay (vegetable) and a sago't gulaman. Yummy. I ate those food without any worries about the bill, since my husband told me that it's his treat.

After an hour of eating and talking about the event, he finally asked for the bill. I can see on his face that he was shocked. I asked him what's wrong., then he showed me the bill.
I said there's nothing wrong with the bill. But he answered that he was not expecting our food cost that much. "What do you expect? It's Dencio's", I said. He said that he knew that the food in Dencio's are a bit expensive, but he was just expecting our food around Php 500. I thought he will ask extra money from me. Good thing, he had extra money in his wallet. :)

Anyway, it's a very tiring day. I need to sleep now. Good Night

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