I Want To Play Golf

I'm not into sports. But if I had a chance to learn one, I probably want to learn how to play golf. Though Golf may look like a boring game, I believe it's a game of mind. Players are using their mind in a calculated, methodical and focused way is the surest method of improving their game and lowering their scores. 

My interest in golf started when I visited a golf course a few years back.  But because golf is an expensive sports I didn't pursue my interest in it. 

Until, I found a web site for golf enthusiasts. Golfakademie GmbH and Co KG is the biggest German golf shop with a full range of brand names and best price guaranteed. Golf Academy in english, Golfakademie offers news scores and players profiles. They also offer golf courses, ranked maturity and handicap improvement courses. Their golf club on Gut Ising is one of the biggest centers for golf lessons in Bavaria.  They also have a club fitting center specializing in Ping custom fitting. 

Though their site is in German (you can always use a translator), Golfakademie-gmbh.de provides easy access to their other web pages. For now, I'll bookmark this site, we'll never know if the opportunity comes for me to learn and play this sport.


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