Jigsaw Is Creepy!

Yesterday was my husband's rest day from work. It is our habit that during his rest day to watch DVDs or downloaded movies. I am not a fan of scary or suspense movies, however, I was convinced by my husband to watch the movie SAW.

Though most of the times my eyes were shut because of some disgusting and disturbing scenes, I like how the story goes. It was very well written. It was not only gore for the sake of gore. Because the movie is very interesting, we decided to have a movie marathon. We watched the SAW up to the 4th sequel. I really I enjoyed SAW 4 is because we finally were able to understand what causes Jigsaw to tick and why he does what he does in a well detailed movie.

However, I had problem sleeping because whenever I close my eyes I can see jigsaw. See how creepy this picture is...

It really gave me nightmares, and because of that, I only had 2 hours of sleep. Good thing the sun is up now (on our side of the Earth), I'll try to get some sleep. Wish me luck!


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