Meet Up with My Fellow Bloggers

For the past few months, I seldom go out.  I'd rather stay at home than go somewhere else. But it all changed when I attended the Pantene Bloggers' Night out.  That was the first time I met Gabs and Mitch.  Will you believe we "clicked" on our first meet up?  Then, the Clear Black Night Halloween Dance Party came.  Of course, I did not miss that.   

But meet up with my fellow bloggers does not end in the bloggers' party.  If you remember a week ago, Mitch, Gabs and I had our food cart adventure.   Then yesterday, Gabs, Montsch (my husband) and I attended the "World Usability Day 2008 in Manila".  

The program started with Opening Remarks by Mr. Regnard Raquedan. Followed by the speaker:

Mr. Rey Mendoza - Usability & Design
Mr. Elymar Apao - Real-life Usability
Globe Usability Team - Institutionalizing Usability/Mobile Usability

At first, I was unaware about usability.  But thanks to Gabs for insisting us to join him in this great event.  I really learned so much from the talks on usability.  I will definitely join the next World Usability Day.

Also, I got a chance to meet Ada of http://adaphobic.com

Photo Credits:  http://adaphobic.com


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