Work and Fun

When I'm applying for a job in a specific company, I always make a background check. I do a little research online or I ask around to see if anyone has ever heard of the company to learn more about their reputation. Here are some of the things you should know in a company:

1. Work environment
Check the company's work environment whether they are formal or casual.
2. Employee treatment
Check how they treat their employee
Aside from your basic salary, you should check if they offer incentive programs like hazard pay, night differential and more.

These are just the things you should know in a company.

But personally, fun is what I look for in a company. A place where you will have fun while working. Like the last company I worked for. It is a call center but every Friday, they have acoustic nights for their employees. Almost every month, they have events like dress up your station, parties, team building and different event. Since working in a call center is stressful, my previous company believes that a way to pamper their employee is to have a Corporate Incentive Travel event. This shows that they really care about their employees.

Fortunately, there are Incentive Travel Companies like Peak Performance that focus on incentive travel, group tour, and events. They will work with you through out the 5 stages (research, design, planning, coordination, and evaluation) to ensure their consistent effectiveness and provide you with unforgettable customized service from proposal to on site meeting.

Now, who says you cannot have fun at work?


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