Flea Control Guide

Living in a condo is really cool. You get to see the best view in the city and you are accessible to all public places like malls, churches, hospitals and more. This is what we call, the lifestyle of the fast people. Why? Because most people who live in condominium are career-driven people!

But of course, there are limitations to its coolness. There are many rules that you should follow and one of them is that you are not allowed to keep pets! That’s the thing that makes me sad living in a high-rise condo. I can’t keep a dog! They don’t want dogs because of the noise it brings and in most cases, fleas. They don’t want to have fleas’ infestation all over the condo.

I also thought of keeping a cat instead because they are quite. But they say it can still be detected by the building administrator once other occupants will start complaining about flea bites. I don’t even know what do flea bites look like and they will tell me that!

Oh well, I guess the safest thing to do is get a cat (LOL!!) and apply flea control. That way I won’t get caught, just joking! I think I will get a fish instead. :)

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