My Christmas Wishlist

With Christmas less than 1 day away I’ve decided to compose my Christmas wish list for this year.

All I want for Christmas are:
1. Xbox 360 or PS3
My husband and I are gamers. This will be a perfect gift for us.

2. MP3 player
I'm a music lover so MP3 players should be on my list.

3. ASUS F9F battery
My lappy needs new battery.

4. Lens for my Nikon D60
I only have the kitlens.

5. SUPER TALENT 200X 4GB USB Flash Drive
Melo Villareal of Manila Freelancer is holding a Christmas Wishlist Online Contest. And he is giving away the following:
One Super Talent 200X 4GB USB Flash Drive
1 Ridata 1 GB USB Flash Drive
1 Memorex 1 GB USB Flash Drive
1 PQI 1GB USB Flash Drive
Two 2009 Starbucks Planners

How about you? What's your Christmas Wishlist.

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