Pepperjam Network

I'm sure that most of the plublishers and advertisers know about Pepperjam Network. Pepperjam is one of the true pioneers of affiliate marketing having started out as an affiliate and then successfully building one of the largest, most respected and recognizable full-service internet marketing agencies in the United States.

Pepperjam was founded in 1999 by Internet marketing expert Kristopher B. Jones. It is an industry leading full-service Internet marketing company. It provides a broad service offering of professional account management and enterprise-level technology across the key online marketing channels of search-engine marketing, affiliate marketing, and online media planning and buying.

Pepperjam is divided into 6 groups to focus on each specific expertise: Search, Affiliate, Media, Design, Mobile, Network.

Pepperjam Network advertisers provide publishers with various creatives, including text links, product feeds, pepperjamADS, banners, dynamic rich media, and e-mail while common marketing methods used to promote advertisers on the Pepperjam Network are Pay-per-click (PPC, Search-engine optimazation (SEO), Email Marketing, Loyalty,  Niche Content ( content writers / bloggers),  Coupon / value proposition / discount,  Shopping mall,  Product feed,  Comparison shopping.

I agree that Pepperjam provides advertisers and publishers with resources and education to help make the most out of Affiliate Programs.

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