Choosing the right credit card for your business

Nowadays, numbers of small business are continuing to grow, and bank and other financial institutions are also continuing to find new ways of business financing in order to help entrepreneurs.

Most of the bank offers business credit card for new and established business owners. These cards have advantages for any kind of business, whether is it big or not. Not only because these cards offer higher credit limits, but they also have better rewards and bonuses.

However, there many business credit card available for business owners. And as an entrepreneur, you must choose the right card and right bank for you. Your decision should depend on your spending style and business needs.

So if you are unsure of what card is the right for you, you may always check YourCreditNetwork.com. It is a site that will guide you in choosing the best card for you. Their expertise is to make the consumer fully aware of any information on each credit card. They give the best credit card reviews and they educate consumer on how to use credit wisely. Because every business owner knows the importance of establishing and building business credit.

However, if you’ve chosen to apply for a business credit card, be prepared for the responsibilities that come with it. Always remember that the way you handle your account will have a direct effect on how you build your business credit.

So, if it is your first time getting a business credit card, I recommend that you visit http://www.yourcreditnetwork.com and do your research.


Whaw Grill and Restaurant –Litson Biik Franchise

Franchise information:

Franchise fee: 300,000 pesos

Inclusive of : Use of trade name and Proprietary Marks, site approval, training for franchisee, supervisor, crew, procurement program, opening assistance, operation manual and research and development.

Initial term: 5 years

Total Initial Investment: 2 Million pesos, estimated.

Continuation: 5% of gross sales

Required space: Minimum of 80 sqm.

RK Franchise Consultancy
Ground Floor Minnesota Mansion, 267 Ermin Garcia, Cubao

1109 Quezon City, Philippines
Manila (02) 912-2946, 912-2973, Nationwide Tollfree: 1800-10-88888RK
Email: rk@rkfranchise.com

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I won the Silver Medal

Joining contests is my other way to earn money online. Last August 11, I made a post regarding MTMD Page Rank Olympics contest. Thanks to Mommy Ruby, she encouraged me to join this contest. And guess what? I won the Silver Medal. I won $50.

I almost forgot about this contest, but I was shocked when Mommy Ruby told me that we won. At first, I did not believe it, so I checked Matt's Meltwater. Torrents. Meanderings. Delta blog. And the first thing I saw was....
In the end, the contest to win the Gold Medal and the $100 Cash Prize that goes along with it was fierce between Blessings and Beyond and BiznHoney, but in the final days of the Page Rank Olympics, Blessings and Beyond pulled ahead and never looked back. The blog increased its technorati ranking +83 since the start of the games just 16 days ago. BiznHoney was a close second and earned the Silver Medal by increasing its technorati ranking +71.

It's true! It's true! I just can't believe it. But it is true. I almost jump for joy. Not only Biz-N-Honey won, Matt gave this blog a review. Here's what he said:
BiznHoney adopted the credo of the Page Rank Olympics in a recent post, so it's no wonder that this blog gave Blessings and Beyond stiff competition in its run for the Gold. The site explains its name this way: Biz = Business; Biz-N-Honey (Bees and Honey) = Slang for MONEY. Biz-N-Honey will serve as your resources and guide in earning money. Here you will find all kinds of ways to make money, whether it is online or not. With Biz-N-Honey, you will be able to find ways to make money via affiliate marketing, ppc marketing, blogging, adsense, ebay, paid surveys, franchising and many more! If this blog's effectiveness in making money is anything like its effectiveness in increasing its Technorati Authority, I strongly recommend you consider checking out this blog for some practical advice. Along with the Silver Medal, BiznHoney wins a $50 cash prize.
Thank you so much Matt for this fantastic contest and wonderful review. And congratulations to all the winners of MTMD Page Rank Olympics.



Ink2Go Ink Refilling Station franchise

Ink2Go Ink Refilling Station (Ink2Go) started as a small company with a big commitment to providing high quality ink and toner refilling services to inkjet and laser printer owners and users in the Metro Cebu area.

An Ink2Go Ink Refilling Station franchise requires a relatively low investment as compared to other ink refilling companies.

Franchise Structure:

Franchise Fee: P150,000.00
Inclusive of:
* Use of Trade name and proprietary marks
* Site approval
* Training for the Franchisee and service staff
* Procurement program
* Opening assistance
* Operations manual (on loan)
* Research and development
Initial term: 5 years, (no fee yearly renewal)
Royalty fee: 3% of gross sales
Minimum space requirement: 4-12 sqm.
Exclusive territory: radius of 500 meters
Capital requirement: P 150,000 - 300,000

For more information, visit their site at: http://ink2go.com.ph/

Tag: Philippine Business Franchise


making more friends

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This is the easy way and the fastest way to :

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Rules :

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1. Picturing of Life
2. Juliana’s Site
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4. Jeanne-The Callalily Space
5. Starz in De Sky
6. My Charmed Life
7. Denz Techtronics
8. Denz Recreational
9. Life’s Simple Pleasures
10. My Blog
11. Because Life is Fun
12. In This Game of Life
13. Scribbles of my Life
14. Changing Lanes
15. This is what my heart says...
16. A mom's note
17. Tasteful Voyage
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19. Jackie Simply Pinay
20. Gerthy's Scrapbook
21. Gerthy Sanctary
23. Asawa's Love Book
24. A Mother's Journal
25. Simple Life, Simply Me
26. Pinaymama's Diary
27. so it goes. . .
28. Hailey's Beats and Bits
29. Hailey's Beats and Bits .Com
30. Lourdes' Mia
31. OnlineBiz and Resources
32. PM's DigiScrap and Musings on Life
33. Pinay Mommy Online
34. Biz-N-Honey
35. You're Next here

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MINISTOP Franchise

MINISTOP Philippines franchise business

It depends on the business package, it may vary from Php 1,300,000 to Php 2,800,000
  1. Send a Letter of Intent .
  2. If you have a proposed site, fax a vicinity map or sketch of the site with details, i.e store size, for a feasibility study.
  3. Email and/or Fax these documents to:

    Franchising Division
    1st Floor CFC Commercial Building
    137 Pasig Boulevard, Pasig City
    672-2279 / 0922.878.0628 and 0922.878.0629


Advance Balloon Sculpture and Design

Advance Balloon Sculpture and Design
Learn the how-to’s of balloon sculpting

Organized by Businessmaker Academy
When: August 29
Where: 1503A West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Building, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Telephone: (02) 687-4445; (02) 687-4645
Fax: (02) 687-3416
Website: www.businessmaker-academy.com


Hapinoy - Store for Happy Pinoy

If you are a filipino or for once lived in the Philippines. The sari sari store (variety store) is the country's original convenience store.

So what is Hapinoy?

A new social business enterprise launches "Hapinoy" initiative to bring new income opportunities to poor communities.

"Hapinoy - ang tindahan ng haping Pinoy!" is the first large-scale branded sari sari store chain owned and run by microentrepreneurs.

Hapinoy envisions this empowerment to be brought about easier access to business capital, direct linkages with product manufacturers, and specialized training for microentrepreneurs. For this purpose, Hapinoy partners with microfinancing institutions (MFIs) and cooperative to assits microentrepreneurs in growing thier business.

Each paticipating microentrepreneurs will be given the opportunity to achieve higher sales and profit by giving them easier access to goods at a more affordable price. They will be directly linked to partner manufacturers like Unilever, Nestle, and Oishi, among others, as well as telecom giant Smart Communications.

This aims to increase the profit of the sari-sari store and at the same time serve as a channel for the manufacturer to reach more people in the market.

The vision of Hapinoy is to have 40,000 Hapinoy store by the end of 2008. For more information, you may visit http://hapinoy.com/




Internet-Ad Revenue Reached $21.2 Billion in 2007

Internet-Ad Revenue Reached $21.2 Billion in 2007
26% Growth Rate Puts It Ahead of Radio, Cable

By Abbey Klaassen

Published: May 15, 2008
NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Internet-ad revenue notched $21.2 billion in 2007, an annual growth rate of 26%, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau and PriceWaterhouseCoopers in their annual report of ad spending.

That was good enough for the medium to top radio, which was expected, but the figure also puts internet ahead of cable's $20.9 billion take.

"We've learned not to be surprised by the vitality and vibrancy of internet advertising," said David Doty, senior VP-thought leadership and marketing at the IAB. He said in first-quarter 2007 internet ad spending was $4.9 billion; by the fourth quarter it was $5.9 billion. "A billion here and billion there adds up."

Big players responsible
Internet-ad spending remained fairly concentrated among the large players, with the top 10 properties (think Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, IAC, News Corp.) accounting for 69% of all online ad spending, the top 25 accounting for 80% and the top 50 accounting for 89%. Search advertising was the largest category bought by marketers, with 41% of total ad spending, up from 40% the year prior. Display was 34%, up from 32% the year prior.

Video commands a larger share of mind in the industry than it does a share of ad dollars: It accounted for only 2% of total online ad spending. Rich media went down slightly, although that is likely because video used to be counted as rich media, but was broken out into its own category in 2007. The IAB doesn't break out spending on social media sites such as Facebook or MySpace, but said it revisits the categories it tracks every year.

Retail remained the strongest consumer online ad category, with 45% of consumer online ad revenue, followed by automotive (21%), leisure (13%), entertainment (9%) and packaged goods (8%).

Performance-based up

Also interesting was that performance-based ad buys accounted for 51% of all online ad spending, up from 47% the year prior. The share of online ad spending that made up cost-per-thousand-based buys was down from 48% to 45%, and hybrid pricing-models (a combination of performance-based and CPM pricing) were down from 5% to 4%.

While that trend might seem counterintuitive at a time when more brand marketers -- who traditionally have employed CPM-based buys -- are coming online in bigger ways, Mr. Doty warned against reading too much into it. "It's an expected variable," he said.


Spreading the Blog Love

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Sierra Heights Townhouse

NEW! SIERRA HEIGHTS TOWNHOUSE! also in Suburban Subdivision Cainta Rizal.

Available in easy payment terms...thru PAG-IBIG or Bank Financing

70-80+ sqm units 2 BR 3 BR

as low as P1.9M

Avail now and enjoy the pre-sell discounts! for limited time only

Click the image to enlarge

Convenient location
5-10 minutes away from:
SM City Taytay
Robinsons Cainta
EVER Gotesco
Valley Golf
Club Manila East
Cainta Public Market
San Beda College (Taytay)

30 minutes away from:
Quezon City Area
Ortigas Business Center

Also, available... Suburban Villas Condominium for as low as P4,000 monthly

For more inquiries, please look for Iris
Cellphone no. +63922-7195682
Model unit Phone no. (632) 570-0359
You can leave comment on this post. (please include your name and contact details)



Hong Kong Noodle Style Franchise

This is for Philippine Business Franchise and International Franchise


Franchise Package: USD 4,000.00

Package Inclusions : Use of Name
Business System
Transfer of Technology
Marketing Assistance
Soft Opening Assistance
Grand Opening Assistance
Post Opening Assistance
Business Operations Manual
Site Assistance
Cart or Signage (kiosk)
Initial Inventory and Equipments
Recruitment and Training of Personnel

Contract Duration : 3 years
Royalty Fee : 2%

Notes :
1. Outlets shall be put up within Philippine territory)
2. Details of the Franchise Package shall be discussed during orientation/ discussion.
3. Transportation and accommodation expenses shall be accounted to franchisees for provincial outlets.


SOLO USD 15,000.00

Package Inclusions : Use of Name
Business System
Transfer of Technology
Marketing Assistance
Soft Opening Assistance
Grand Opening Assistance
Post Opening Assistance
Business Operations Manual
Training of Personnel

Contract Duration : 5 years
Royalty Fee : 5%

Notes :
1. Outlets shall be put up outside Philippine territory)
2. Details of the Franchise Package shall be discussed during orientation/ discussion.
3. Transportation and accommodation expenses shall be accounted to franchisees as well as visa where applicable.

For inquiries:

Unit 2109 Antel Global Corp. Center, J. Vargas Cor. Meralco Ave., Ortigas Business Center Pasig City
Tel. No.: 637-2309 / 637-2393 / 637-2316

Biz-N-Honey is not connected in anyway with any of the published franchised companies here. Please call the listed numbers directly for all your inquiries and concerns.


Shampoo and Soap

Thanks Arlene for the tag

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Some Rules:

1. You can include in the post a picture of your favorite soap or the soap you are currently using.

2. Please post this in the blog which you will add in the "blogs that joined." You can add unlimited number of blogs as long as this tag is posted there.

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6. Tag as many friends as you can.

BLOGS THAT JOINED: Dancing in Midlife Tune - Aeirin Collections - Biz-N-Honey

Soap Questions:

1. Favorite Soap: Dove
2. Facial Soap: Dove
3. Body Soap: Dove
4. Intimate Soap: PhCare
5. Laundy Soap: Tide
6. Undies Soap: Tide
7. Baby Soap: Dove
8. Favorite Shampoo: Clear
9. Favorite Conditoner: Clear
10. Baby Shampoo: Johnsons

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My 6 Layers

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– Name: Iris Camille
– Birth date: April 23
– Birthplace: Philippines
– Current Location: Cainta Rizal
– Eye Color: Black
– Hair Color: Black
– Righty or Lefty: Righty


– Your heritage: Filipino
– The shoes you wore today: No shoes!
– Your weakness: Trusting so quickly
– Your fears: Break up
– Your perfect pizza: Yellow Cab
– Goal you’d like to achieve in life: To be a good mom...


– Your most overused phrase on AIM: None
– Your first waking thoughts: Turn on my laptop
– Your best physical feature: nose
– Your most missed memory: Being with my family


– Pepsi or Coke: COKE!
– McDonald’s or Burger King: Mc Do.
– Single or group dates: Single.
– Adidas or Nike: Both.
– Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Nestea.
– Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate.
– Cappuccino or coffee: Cappuccino


– A famous person, dead or alive, would you interview: Bill Gates
– Movie can you watch and say the lines along with the actors: Titanic hehe
– Name two of your passions in life : My family and My Blogs.
– Least favorite time of day: Lazy afternoons.


– Use hairspray or gel: None.
– Your favorite meal: Kare Kare
– Color is the inside of your head when you close your eyes: Black
– Listen to classical music: sometimes
– Ever said LOL in real life without thinking about it: yeah.


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MTMD Page Rank Olympics!

Last 8/8/08, the Beijing Olympics has started. I watched it live on a webcast. That is the most spectacular Olympic opening ceremony I have seen.

In line to the Olympics, I found this MTMD Page Rank Olympics on one of my online friends. The concept of this contest is to increase your blog’s Technorati Authority and your Page Rank.

  • Gold Medal: The blog that increases the most in both Google Page Rank and Technorati Authority will win a $100 Grand Prize.
  • Silver Medal: The blog that has the highest increase in Technorati Authority will win a $50 Prize.
  • Bronze Medal: The blog that has the 2nd highest increase in Technorati Authority will win a $25 Prize.

To learn more about this contest and how you can join, please click HERE for more details.

Biz-N-Honey is joining with Page Rank of Zero and Technorati Authority of Zero. I just got my new domain today. Please support my blog on this contest, please don’t forget to add this blog to your Technorati Favorites. Thanks


Tourist Bus For Rent - Philippines

Looking for a bus for your school field trip, company outing, real estate conferences, MAGIC-C TRANSPORT can definitely can help you.

Bus 1

*Denso Aircon
*60 Seater
*DVD on Board
*TV w/ Local Channel

Bus 2

*Mitsubishi FUSO
*Denso Aircon
*60 Seater
*DVD On Board
*TV with Local Channel
*With Refrigerator

Bus 3

*Mitsubishi FUSO
*Denso Aircon
*60 Seater
*DVD On Board
*2 Video Monitor W/ Local Channel

Bus 4 (mini bus)

*Denso Aircon
*40 Seater
*DVD on Board


Prices tend to vary based on mileage, times and other factors

For Inquiries:
Tel Nos.(02) 645-9721 Fax (02) 647-3693
Website: http://crystalbus.multiply.com/


Fashon Galore

Looking for a fashionable accessories at a lower cost? Then, you must definitely visit Jam Levina's Fashion Galore.

Fashion Galore is on its third year of selling fab, chic and affordable accessories like plastic bangles, pearls, elegant enamel cuffs, vintage necklaces, swarovski earrings.

I personally recommend this site. I've been a customer of this online shop for years. Not only because it is one of the top 10 Philippine Online Fashion Shops, but also because of my positive buying experience with Fashion Galore. It really makes my online shopping fun and addicting.

Condominium For As LOW as P4,000+ a month

Phase 1 Ready for Occupancy
Phase 2 Pre-Construction - Avail of maximum discounts NOW! limited time only

Location: behind Mistubishi Motors along Ortigas ext. road, Cainta Rizal
As LOW as P4,000+ a month thru PAGIBIG

Affordable without sacrificing quality! Straightforward no nonsense. Condo inside a subdivision. Get your own unit NOW!


5-storey with elevator lift

Floor Area: square meters
varied, 19 to 62.50 (1BR,2BR,3BR)

as LOW as P 700.000

Swimming pool, backup generators, Elevator lift, garden, rooftop drying area, 24 hour security, transportation service




1BR Model Unit Bedroom

1BR Model Unit Kitchen

2BR Model Unit Bedroom

2BR Model Unit Sala

2BR Model Unit Kitchen

SUBURBAN VILLAS PHASE 2 Soon to Rise !!! ready for sale. Reserve a unit now
(target early 2009 completion)

For more inquiries, please look for Iris
Cellphone no. +63922-7195682
Model unit Phone no. (632) 570-0359
You can leave comment on this post. (please include your name and contact details)

The Adsense Check for $132,994.97

Since there was no opportunities for me today, I was browsing some sites. Then I came across this site talking about The Adsense Check for $132,994.97.

This is Jeremy Shoemaker, owner of www.shoemoney.com. He earns 132,994.97 dollars a month from adsense. Can you believe it? Here's another proof:

Unbelievable, isn't it. But Jeremy Shoemaker answers some questions on his Adsense Check for more than 130,000 USD. Click here to know more.



KSA Magic© Aesthetic Products Skin Life and Health KSA Magic© products were specifically made for two distinct reasons:

(1) To end the search of many individuals for the elixir of flawless and healthy skin; and

(2) To give satisfaction to the urge of being attractive.

In 2005, KSA Magic© was gradually introduced to the Philippines, and gained a fair share of the Filipino market who are inclined to getting a lighter or even fairer skin tone.

After rigorous market testing and R&D, the team behind KSA Magic© raced against time to infiltrate a bigger share of the Filipino market.

This was only the start... Our products will speak for itself.




Dealers are welcome. Avail 5 to 15% discount.

Gladys Reyes is very hands-on with KSA Magic, her own line of skin whitening products that she also proudly uses.

KSA Magic products are sold in the leading drug store in the Philippines – Mercury and in the leading department store/supermarket – SM. Truly, this justifies that the products are of quality and is competitive in the local market because it’s visible in the top retail outlet/drug store in the Philippines.

KSA Magic Products are manufactured by Glowcal Manufacturing Corporation which is also the manufacturer of Le Derma products and Sutla Soaps. It has been in the skin care business for the past – 15 years. This also affirms that Glowcal Manufacturing products are accepted by consumers


Email me at: admin@pinayads.com

Biz-N-Honey is not connected in anyway with any of the published franchised companies here. Please call the listed numbers directly for all your inquiries and concerns.