Avoid Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt is perhaps the largest reason why so many of us go into debt every day. Yeah, that includes me. We started to use our credit for everything 4 years ago. And now I'm trap.

If only I could turn back time. I learned that preventive medicine is still best. Credit cards, if used unwisely, can lead to a mountain of debt. So here are some things to remember to avoid Credit Card Debt

1. Learn how to use credit cards wisely so that you don't get buried in credit card debt.
2. Don't Use Your Credit Card as a Loan
3. Manage your finances
4. Pay the Balance in Full
5. Pay on Time
6. Charge Only What You Can Afford
7. Limit the Plastic in Your Wallet
8. Avoid Extra Expenses

I've learned the lesson the hard way. So to make sure I can purchase a Zero Halliburton briefcases, I should have a budget for it. I will use cash and I will limit my credit card usage from now on.

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