Feeding Program Project For Cagayan De Oro Flood Victims

Photo Credit on Blog Post: Himantayon
Photo Credit: Himantayon

The news about the flood in Cagayan de Oro is very alarming. Due to the heavy rain there are lots of casualties, around 1,740 houses were damaged, 391 of them washed away by overflowing rivers or huge waves. Several barangay, municipal and provincial roads and bridges were reported unpassable by floods and landslide.

Chiq Montes, a fellow blogger has posted an announcement on plurk and her blog asking for donations in order to raise enough money for a Feeding Program this coming weekend. She is asking for 3 dollar donations via her paypal account : jamgfx@gmail.com.

As of the moment, a total of $163 has been raised to fund the Feeding Program Project and you can still help to feed more people by donating even a little $3 Paypal donation for the project. Let's extend a helping hand to our brothers and sisters in their time of need.


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Photo Credit on Blog Post: Himantayon

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