Make Money by Teaching English to Japanese online!

A friend shared this link to me. If you want a part time job or if you want a home-based job, this is for you.

Make Money by Teaching English to Japanese online!
RareJob is offering the opportunities to teach English online to Japanese student in Japan from your country.

After 3 simple steps, you can start your lesson
1) Get Skype name (You can download Skype, the free communication
software) and Head set (or microphone for PC)
2) Register RareJob in this page
3) Give 3 options for 2 hours as welcome Skype meeting

RareJob does not require any initial cost from you.
1) You make money by teaching English
2) RareJob collect money from your students
3) RareJob will pay you as monthly salary

I'm planning to try this, but I'm still waiting for my friend's feedback. She just started working here. Or if you know someone already tried this, please let me know.

Note: This is not a sponsored post.

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