MIL-COM Components

Looking for Mil-Spec Circuit Breakers?

MIL-COM Components can definitely help you. All Military Circuit Breakers carried by MIL-COM comply with all mil-spec requirements, and are ready to ship in the quantity your applications call for. They carry all manufactures from Klixon, Airpax and Square D, to Cutler Hammer and Recon Eaton. Most are fully stocked and can be shipped immediately.

Mil-spec circuit breakers are available with a wide range of versatile and fully functional features. They carry such a selection to provide you with maximum efficiency and dependable performance in some of the most demanding military, aerospace, and commercial applications. To view all of their circuit breakers, browse by part number through our catalog, or contact them directly for a quote.

MIL-COM Components is one of the most reliable and accomplished distributors for electronic components and resources for military and aerospace electronic parts. As a woman owned and operated resource for military and aerospace certified electronic parts, they serve a wide range of industries that require top-quality components from an experienced distributor.

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