BoardWalk Dealer and Direct Selling

Boardwalk is a Filipino owned corporation that engages in the Direct-Selling & Networking business of footwear, apparels, belts, bags and other fashion accessories.

It started its operation in 1989 as garments manufacturing company. These pioneering efforts, paved the way to the success and expansion of an alternative distribution arm to supply the emerging market. This ushered in the defining years of Boardwalk Business Ventures Inc.

Through the years, the company has perfected the formula for successful Networking & Direct Selling techniques and strategies. Boardwalk has revitalized the industry by introducing a unique and hybrid Marketing Scheme designed for the business partners and potential entrepreneurs.

Now, Boardwalk Business Ventures Inc. is still anchored on the same competency with an even more lexible approach to the market. Business partners have increased rapidly adding thousands of opportunities for potential entrepreneurs.

To date, Boardwalk Business Ventures Inc. has 23 Branches and 26 Business Information Centers nationwide. It is continuously expanding to reach the growing Filipino consumers. The height of its growth and expansion, Boardwalk is joining the international scene in its operation sooner than anyone thinks.


Fun, Fashion, Fulfillment: an inspiring, enriching business community. That’s Boardwalk Business Ventures Inc., Your career is more than a business or commission check. It is a passion, a lifestyle, a sense of belongingness. It is honing your skills, cultivating your talents, enhancing your success.

At Boardwalk, we provide you with three exciting options to earn:

Get 25 % Lifetime Discounts
You can sell all the products right from the catalogue & brochures then straight to the very homes of your customers.

You simply earn by sharing the opportunity to others and you get paid through overriding commissions and bonuses from your leadership efforts.

This opportunity offers an open ended professional solution. Free of all employment hassles. You are free to advance to the level you choose at your own pace.

Requirements for Joining:
1. Attend the Business Orientation Seminar conducted on branch offices daily at 10am, 2pm, and 5pm.
2. Prepare and submit the following requirements:

* Completely filled up Member’s Information Sheet and Dealer’s Agreement Form
* Proof of Billing Address (Electric bill, Telephone bill, Cable bill, etc)
* 2 pcs. 2 x 2 photos
* 2 valid IDs (driver’s license, SSS, GSIS, company ID, etc)
* Residence certificate or barangay clearance ( can be used as supporting document if proof of billing address is not under your name)
* Registration fee: P250 (with starter kit)

3. Authorized personnel will conduct a brief interview to verify the information you have submitted.
4. Your information will be encoded in the computer.
5. Pay the cash bond to avail of the credit line and start your own business.

Membership Benefits:
1. Lifetime Membership
2. Lifetime Discounts
3. Career Development
4. Exciting Promotions
5. No Downgrading or Demotion

BoardWalk Direct Selling General Information
Company: Boardwalk Business Ventures Inc
Business Type : Fashion Accessories, Branded Apparel
Setup: Direct Selling
Tel. Nos.: (632) 636-6321
Fax No.: (632) 635-2746
Address: Units 1508 - 1509 West Tower
PSE Center, Exchange Road,
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Philippines 1605
Email inquiry@boardwalk.com.ph
Website http://www.boardwalk.com.ph

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