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David Charlton started hair-dressing in the U. K- at the age of 16. While working in his Uncle’s (Jeffrey) salon, he also attended Durham Technical College for 3 years and passed with Distinction the City and Guilds of London Institute Examination in Men’s and Ladies Hairdressing. He then went on to South Shields Technical College where he passed with Distinction the Advanced City and Guilds of London Institute Examination in Men’s and Ladies Hairdressing. He then went on to teach hairdressing at the South Shields College.

After attending seminars and workshops in London David in turn conducted many workshops for the North East Hairdressers Federation. In 1978 David came to Manila to manage the Rever Salon in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. After becoming a partner and then sole owner, David expanded the Rever Salon’s to 5 locations.

By 1989 David realized there was a void in the Philippine market for a salon that would provide high quality hairdressing at very reasonable prices. So the first salon located in New Farmers Market, Araneta Center, Quezon City was established.

Within the next 4-5 years David, going into partnership with business acquaintances, opened another 13 David’s Salon’s. David again realizing that there was a-nationwide demand for his salons then opened up to the idea of allowing people to apply for a “partnership”.

Since then the David’s salon group has expanded to 107 salons operational to date with 6-8 salons under construction or in the planning stage.

David foresees further expansion very probable within the Philippines. As the country’s economy in general improves and individual cities and towns grow so then will their need for high quality hairdressing at reasonable prices. David also has plans to expand into Asia as the opportunity presents itself.

Company Profile
At present David’s Salon’s Inc. consists of the training facility, accounting department, personnel department, purchasing department, and overall management- Although we are in the process of turning David’s Salon’s Inc. into a holding company that will control the shares held by David Charlton in the various salon’s. The possibility in the near future of an IPO on the Philippine Stock Exchange is being explored. David’s partners will also be invited to participate in this undertaking when it materializes.

Each company department is headed by personnel that have worked with or been known to David for many years.

Currently we have four full time hairdressing instructors and seven part time working under the direction of our Training Director. Although we will be expanding this number as our facilities are increased.

There are six personnel managers working under our Personnel Director who are each responsible for the staff for salon’s in their areas. Although each of the managers is ready and able to help out in any salon as needed. The personnel managers also visit the salons to check on daily operations and the staffs activities.

Our accounting department is under the control of our Comptroller who currently has fifteen accountants and accounting derks handling our financial statements, payroll, social security and taxpayments etc.. We do have a computer network system in place which we will be improving and expanding over the next few months.

Purchasing and distribution is handled by three managers with nine stockmen and delivery drivers. The managers are responsible for purchasing the products needed by the training center and the salons from our various suppliers at bulk discount prices. Then they distribute these supply’s to the various salons.

Partnership Info
As the acknowleged biggest chain of salons in the country today, David’s Salon offers Partnership to those who want to venture into the personal care business. With this sytem we have equity in the salons being put up and we do not just take a percentage from the gross income, but like our partners, we gain our income from the net income of the salon. We therefore are not an expense of the Salon, but a partner in the profits.

Location of the salon will be subject for approval of David’s Salon. It should have a space of at least seventy square meters (70 sqm.) to accomodate minimum requirement of 10 working stations, one facial room, a stock room, and a staff room. We shall maintain control over salon layout, products used, services offered, and any advertising.

Aside from day to day management of the Salon, david’s Salon will provide the staff (Junior and Senior hairstylists, Salon Managers, Stock Clerks, etc.). All of the staff would have gone through extensive trainings about their respective responsibilities prior to deployment to the Salon.

Contact details:
David’s Salons - Rever Training Center
1251 Cardona St., Bgy. Poblacion, Makati City
Telephone: (632)8974247 to 51
Fax: (632)8975190
Email: mba@davidsalon.com.ph, info@davidsalon.com.ph
Web: http://www.davidsalon.com.ph/

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