DETOUR: the Island Cove Adventure

On Thursday, March 5, 2009, thirty-seven bloggerventurers (including me and my husband) will dash and splash in a whole day of sun-soaked, energized expedition to the shores of adventure!

Equipped with gears of maneuvers and strategies, these participants will embark on their mission to many Island Cove recreation offerings and diversion destinations that await them in this sportacular day!

Watch how these teams of courage trek the challenges in their pursuit to be the DETOUR: the Island Cove Adventure Winner!

Exciting prizes await the adventure seekers, for special task completions! For more information, you may visit http://islandcoveadventure.yehey.com/

Frankly, I'm nervour for this event since I'm not that physically active. But I'm sure that this will be a new experience for us and I'm sure it will be fun. I hope one of the prizes is free stay at hotel or at Island Cove.

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