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I'm overweight since I was in high school. I really want to lose weight. Then a friend told me about lap band.

The Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band procedure, more commonly known as Lap-Band surgery, is becoming very popular. This procedure involves using a silastic band to create a smaller stomach pouch, causing patients to become full after eating a minimal amount of food. Lap Band is a surgery a gastric band device is introduced through tiny (1cm) incisions in the abdomen and is placed around the upper part of the stomach. The resulting pouch or the “new stomach” reduces the functional capacity of the stomach.The band has a balloon from the inside that is adjustable and can reduce stoma size, thus prolonging the period of fullness. The Lap-Band system is proven highly effective in helping morbidly obese patients lose excess weight.

Many weight loss centers around the globe are offering lap band services to patients. However, you can actually call 1-800-GET-SLIM if you would like to know if lap band treatment would work well for you.

Here’s a video about how lap band treatment changed the life of many.

Remember to call 1-800-GET-SLIM if you need more information.

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