The 12 Attributes of Great Online Writers

The 12 Attributes of Great Online Writers
By Tineke Bright

Expert online writers can help your website to climb to the top of Google. So when you're looking for top results, here are 12 key attributes you should look for - and expect nothing less.

1. They save you time. Effective writing is labour-intensive and can constrict your schedule. Hiring an online writer allows you to focus on all your other priorities.

2. They meet every deadline. In fact they thrive on meeting deadlines, so they always produce work on time.

3. They solve a problem. Good writers don't promote a technique that boosts PageRank (feature), they promote more traffic (benefit). They don't list facts; they solve problems.

4. They are great researchers. Writing requires fact gathering such as online research, interviews, anecdotes and statistics. Good writers are experts in obtaining background information.

5. They think of the overall user experience. Information architecture, coding, metadata and design. Your online writer knows what helps users to find and read content.

6. They live and breathe SEO - and that's what delivers high rankings. They know about keyword density, article PR, link-bait - all wrapped up in cracking content.

7. They are social media savvy. Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. To take full advantage of Web 2.0, your web writer should know about all the main social sites. In fact, they should be members.

8. They're passionate about content strategy. Most content is crap. But content is the web - it deserves time and attention. That's where content strategy comes in. Your writer should take up the torch for content strategy - most will want to make content matter.

9. They love Google. Google is the most popular search engine - by a wide margin. So web writers will be infatuated with Google. In fact, it's probably their default homepage.

10. They give your customers reasons to believe. Great writers prove your product will perform - and they remove risk. The result? Your customers' confidence confidence goes through the roof.

11. They ask for the sale. If you have something to sell (or an email list to opt in to), you have to ask. Explicitly. Online writers know how important this is. Otherwise no one gets paid.

12. They write with reading in mind, using plain English. They use lists and bullets. They edit - a lot. They choose short words, short sentences, short paragraphs. They respect your readers' time, which means your readers will be back for more.

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Tineke is a successful copywriter who has written for Vodafone, Waitrose, Natwest, Vets4Pets, Southport Tourism and many more.


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