Get a Free Dreamhost Account for 2 Years

Who loves sale? For sure almost everyone wants to have discount on something. That is one of the reasons why the mall is jampacked whenever the have mall-wide sale.

Speaking of sale, Dreamhost is offering 2 year free webhosting for Yahoo Geocities users.

To "celebrate" the shutting down of Geocities, Dreamhost is offering a free account for 2 years (usually priced at around €162) to everyone that has a Geocities account:
“In honor of WebRing” or something, we are now offering to the first 1000 GeoCities users who sign up TWO YEARS of a completely free DreamHost account (including domain registration)!

No strings attached.

All you have to do is verify you are an existing GeoCities customer by creating a page on your GeoCities account (or editing an existing page) to have the phrase “I’m off to DreamHost!” on it!

Then when you signup for us, simply put the full url to that page as your “promotional code” and you’ll get a 2 year plan (normally $214.80) free!

And we promise to never shut down.
So what are you waiting for. Try to recall all your Geocities account.

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