Advanced Global Materials

My auntie are planning to have their factory to be renovated. They want it to have steel with it. My uncle, whose an engineer suggests to contact Advanced Global Materials since they supply specialty raw materials and products from around the world.

Advanced Global Materials can supply custom sizes and shapes in any alloy. We offer expert services such as:

* Grinding
* Cutting
* Export Packing
* Milling
* Heat Treating
* And many other precision metal services.

Also, Advanced Global Materials distributes Valves, Flanges and Fittings that are used in the following industries: Power generation, oil production and refining, chemical and petro chemical, gas, water, marine, shipbuilding and the nuclear industry. Our product capabilities include ball valves, instrumentation valves, control valves, control valves, check valves, gate valves, globe valves, knife gate valves, pressure & safety relief valves, rotary process valves, supply valves, hydraulic actuators and actuator controls. Contact for pricing.

They are your one stop source for specialty metals.

For fast order you can use the products numbering from their website and email them directly from the website.

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