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I'm currently enjoying my trip to CamSur, and most of my friends are expecting for some updates or photos of what am I doing here. Since it's a hassle to bring my laptop every time, I update my online friends through mobile blogging. Thanks to Sandbox.

Sandbox is an online virtual community developed by Smart. You may access Sandbox using a new technology called called HSPA or High-Speed Packet Access which can be accessed through mobile connectivity.

However, if you don't have a phone with HSPA, you can still access Sandbox using your PC or laptop through: www.mysandbox.com

I really like the features of this new social network site. Sandbox offers services like Friendster but with online store. In Sandbox, you can create a profile and update your status for your friends to see. You can upload and view photos and videos, write a blog or join a forum discussion. You can also can send and receive email and open a live chat.

You can also create your own community by using MyGroups. Sandbox also offers services like Facebook but with online store. MyGroups simplifies social networking to something visual, fun, intuitive and feature-filled but straightforward. You can download games and music for you mobile phone at P30.00 per song cheaper than iTunes.

But what I really love about Sandbox is its accessibility using your mobile phone.

Look at my recent blog post using Sand Box:

Check out Sandbox now, your friends are most probably already there.

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