The Red Mobile Revolution

Recently, National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) proposed to have tax on text. If that happens the it will make the cost of text higher too. And living in the 'text capital of the world', many will suffer if they add tax on text messaging.

But if you ask me, we don't need to worry. Since there are other ways to connect with your friends or family. You may always call them. Most of the country's telecommunications company offer a flexible rate for calls. However, as I can see it, Red Mobile offers the cheapest/lowest call rates.

A few months ago, I received a Red Mobile sim. However, I noticed on the sim's pack, it says it can only be used for 3G phones only. So, I just put the sim in my drawer and never use it since I don't have an extra 3G phone.

But I learned that due to popular demand Red Mobile have expanded their coverage to include 2G phones. Not only that, for those who still prefer 3G phones, Red Mobile offers new 3G handsets at a very affordable price. Yay, I can now use my Red Mobile sim.

Loadmomma sent me this image which shows how affordable Red Mobile's new 3G handsets.

Red Mobile is compatible with 2G and 3G phones such as (L-R): Samsung J200, Motorola VE 538, Verzio Duplii, Mokia 3120 C, red mobile SPARK and red mobile FLAME

Last May 15, Red mobile launches its 1st leg of the red Tag Sale held in SM Megamall. During the red mobile Revolution, Red Mobile showcased their complete line up of their affordable 3G handsets. Red Mobile introduced the 4 new handsets that will revolutionize the local 3G experience and they are the Nokia 3120c, Verzio Duplii, red mobile FLAME and red mobile SPARK.

I'm eying on the two Red Mobile branded phones: red mobile SPARK and red mobile FLAME

Red Mobile SPARK

I like its simplicity. The Spark features all the basic features of a mobile phone with the added advantage of having 3G capabilities anchored on a simple and user-friendly interface. You can get this at Php 3,690 only.

Red Mobile FLAME
I think this the phone that is perfect for me. I love the color, it is very stylish. I love features. Red Mobile Flame is so slim so it is easy to carry around. For as low as 4,290 you can enjoy the video calling, MMS sending and Web browsing features od Red Mobile Flame. It also comes with a 60MB internal memory and an external MicroSD/ TransFlash card expansion slot that’s perfect for all your downloads.

When 3G technology is just within everybody’s reach, you don't have to worry about text on tax, because with Red Mobile you can always enjoy the lowest call rates.

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