You Are What You Wear

My mom's b-day and anniversary is coming up, what should I get her?

She is turning 49 on June 3rd, and still I don't know what to give her. I was thinking of keeping it simple and just giving her flowers, but I think that's getting kinda old style already. I want to give her something special.

But I was thinking since my mom is very fashionable, I might give her shades, or stylish blouse that she can wear for work. My mom's motto is "You Are What You Wear", that's how fashionista my mom is. She always tells me that "what you choose to wear says something about who you are. What we often fail to realize is that the message of clothing to others is directed not only outward, but also inward. What you wear powerfully affects how you see yourself."

I know my mom will love this French-designed blouse I found online.

This checkered mocha brown cotton blouse with front button closure is suitable for an instant feminine look. She can wear this at work or even during her lunch out with her friends. The seller is selling this at www.AyosDito.ph for P780 only.

I've been doing online shopping for years now but since this is the first time I've heard of AyosDito.ph, I decided to check it out. AyosDito.ph is a free online classified ads directory where you can buy and sell freely in the whole Philippines. For new users like, the site is user friendly and has a fast loading website. Advertisements are subdivided according to region so it is easy to look for what's for sale on your place.

Out of curiosity, I tried to post an ad and to my surprise there's no registration required. However, every advertisement is being moderated which make the website more secured and trusted.

Just a friendly reminder, though AyosDito.ph is very strict with sellers, online buyers should be cautious when transacting with an advertiser. As much as possible, you should meet up with the sellers at a public place to avoid unwanted incidents.

Anyway, there are so many great items in this site. Here are my choices (plus the checkered mocha brown cotton blouse) for my mom's gift:

I think my mom will definitely love these.

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