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Many people are ashamed to admit that they love to listen to inspirational songs, especially that today’s generation are fond of rock and alternative music; but I, for one, is proud to say that I love to listen to these type of inspiring music as it helps me feel better.

There are times when I am going into deep depression especially when I feel everyone is turning me down. A year ago, I left my work to be a stay-home wife. However, I've been doing some home-based job (plus maintaining my blogs) to help my husband in all the expenses. I'm enjoying what I'm doing right now. But others, especially my husband, don't understand this. They said that my earnings from blogging and home-based job are not enough and that I should go back to a "normal" job. I know they are just concern but they don't get it. With blogging, I get to meet new people, experience new adventures and go to new places like Camarines Sur.

I'm happy with what I'm doing right now. My earnings are just right for the expenses. It's kinda depressing when the people around you, especially the people you think should support you) put you down. But thanks to the music of Firefalldown as it gives me the encouragement I need to go on, work hard and follow my dreams.

Firefalldown inspires me to reach for the sky and encourages me to make a difference by living out my God-given dreams.

There are several artists that have this same genre or type of music and one of them is the Firefalldown band. What really caught my attention is that when I first saw their faces, I immediately concluded that they have a Filipino blood; and I’m right, because this trio is tagged as the Filipino-British band who made their way to the UK underground scene.

Now, their new album is ready to rock our world with their signature inspirational songs at a not-so-ordinary melody. Firefalldown Album “Commisioned” is out now! Download in Itunes or Amazon! and be one of the firsts to have a copy of their song.

What’s more? They have this so-called Firefalldown promo where you just have to blog on how their music has inspired you or how their songs relate to you personally and presto! you can get a chance to win an iTouch plus a signed CD from them.

1. Write, in your blogs or social-network-site, about how Firefalldown’s music connects with your life and insert pictures that best encapsulates the experience;

2. Link the word "firefalldown promo" to the URL (www.firefalldown.com) in your blog.

3. And send us the link to your blog at firefalldowninspirepromo@gmail.com

If you’re done posting the post in your blog, you might want to watch some Firefalldown music videos just like this one:

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