Internet Phone Services

Nowadays, people are getting pratical by making free calls via the World Wide Web instead using their phone.

Internet phone is a great service that allows users to place calls with their high speed internet connection and to save significantly on long distance and international calling costs.

So how does an internet phone work? An Internet Phone uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VOIP is a general term for a family of transmission technologies that delivers voice communications over the Internet or other packet-switched networks. VoIP converts the voice signal from the telephone to a digital signal.

To make a call using an Internet Phone, you may subscribe to an Internet Phone Service available online. There are many companies which provide commercial IP Phone services. There are services that allow an IP call even through the traditional phone lines.

Before choosing a particular service, you should compare internet phone services. You should check the price range, features available and whether any technical support is offered.

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