Precision Coating

Want to how to protect your industrial surface? Coating is one way to to protect any type of surface that you have. If you are in business trying to find a company to help find chemical resistant coatings for your industrial or commercial business look for one that is diverse in the products that they use and that they are reliable as far as how they work for you.

There are many coating businesses in the market today, but have you ever asked yourself how one gets into this line of work?

I know one company that offers coating services like teflon spray coating. Precision Coating Co., Inc. is one of the largest plastics coating applicators in the world, specializing in PTFE and Teflon coating applications.

Precision Coating Co., Inc. coated fabrics provides the best release, highest dielectric strength and greatest chemical resistance of any Precision Coating PTFE fabric for a better protection against electricity as they are not a good conductor that can transfer electricity.

Precision Coating Co., Inc. also offers heat sealing tape. Their heat sealing tape combines with strength and dimensional stability of high quality materials such as fiberglass. You can choose from two two adhesive formulations to best suit your application: The Acrylic PTFE Tape and the Silicone PTFE Tape.

Precision Coating Co., Inc. has been in the coating business for over 54 years showing that they are reliable when it comes to plastic coating applicators and they are specializing in
PTFE, Teflon®, Polyimide, Epoxy and Dry Film Lubricant Applications.

Just a reminder: Always make sure you do your research when dealing with any product in the industrial or commercial field so that you and your co-workers feel safe and have peace of mind about the company.

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