My mother in law bought a used car for my husband. However, we are still thinking about getting a pick up or a truck.

We're deciding between Honda, Mazda, Audi. However, it is not easy to choose between those brands. I think we will rely on some truck review sites like TheCarConnection.com.

If you don't want to get disappointed because of the poor quality of the vehicle you will buy. Make sure to check TheCarConnection.com as they provide honest reviews on the advantages and disadvantages of the car you want to buy. It gives an independent review of the car which then enables you to make a decision. It provides information about models such as options, specifications, retail pricing, warranties, etc. Their reviews will give you information about the vehicles overall performance, convenience and comfort. They will also provide insight into problems that may not be readily apparent on a test drive.

Since we are looking for trucks, we first checked Honda. 2009 Honda Ridgeline looks okay. According to thecarconnection.com, this pick up has a higher price than many other trucks though the heavy-duty towing components come standard.

For Mazda, 2009 B-series truck still looks like their Ford Ranger counterparts. Based on thecarconnection.com review, the 2009 Mazda B-Series' styling isn’t as notable as its functionality.

Lastly, the Audi. Though the Audi doesn't offer a truck or pic up, the Audi A5 looks good to me. But thecarconnection.com says that "the 2009 Audi A5 is another example of Audi's evolution toward design that evokes emotion and lust. It's not ostentatious but still conveys power and luxury."

Based on the review, I might go with 2009 Honda Ridgeline.

So, before you buy a vehicle, better check with thecarconnection.com to find further info and reviews about cars.

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