Drive Source International

Looking for Eddy Current drive?

Drive Source International, Inc. is the World's leader in Eddy Current drive, brakes and controls. They specialized in AC Induction Motors.

Drive Source International, Inc / Dynamatic have the complete line of products consisting of Eddy-Current variable speed drives up to 4000HP, Eddy-Current air and liquid cooled brakes, CES Constant Energy Digital press drives, Eddy-Current controls, custom control systems, high speed AC motors, Inverter packages, and Dynamatic Specialty and AC Dynamometer Motors.

They also have Eddy Current brake like air Cooled Eddy-Current Brakes, and Liquid Cooled Eddy-Current Brakes.

Drive Source International, Inc / Dynamatic has Eddy Current controller for all make and models.

Drive Source International, Inc has been in the business for years making them the world's leader in Eddy-Current drives, brakes and controls.

Drive Source International, Inc knows the value of engineering products that's why they offer quality products. Not only Drive Source International has extensive line of accessories and products, they also have manuals like mechanical unit manuals, eddy-current control manuals, and some additional manuals.

They also have original equipment replacement parts built to original material and tolerance specifications.

You may check their site at drivesourceusa.com for more information about performance of Eddy-Current drives, brakes and controls by Dynamic and how they work. Their site is very user friendly. You may choose a quote or technical assistance through their website. Or you may call them toll free 800-548-2169 (US / CANADA).

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