Migraines. Strokes. Heart attacks. All are caused by stress. As time progresses, our mind becomes clogged with different thoughts and emotions that need to be released if we are to live a truly care free and emotionally stable life. Similarly, as we pump more foods and liquids into our body, our cells become infected with toxins and other harmful products that slow down the inner workings of our body and reduce our physical capabilities. Even when we breathe we inhale toxins from the abundant pollution in our atmosphere. Both these emotional and physical hindrances can be eliminated... and they can be eliminated easily.

To be happy and in good health is to be stress free, yet most people never take on the stress in their lives. To de-stress, I may go to a spa or have a hcg shots austin.

You spend all your time satisfying others, so don't you think you should carve out a little for yourself?

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