Solvent Recovery System

Business owners are constantly looking for new areas of operation that can be trimmed of "fat" to save expenses. One area often overlooked is the disposal cost of hazardous waste from operations.

With industrial solvent costs rising, many companies have found the answer to keeping costs low in solvent recovery systems, equipment that takes in used solvent, distills the solvent so impurities and particulates are removed, and then delivers clean solvent back into circulation for future use.

Purchasing an appropriate solvent recovery system is much less daunting a task then it had been in the past. There are a number of viable providers of solvent recovery equipment in today's market.

One of the best solvent recovery systems is from NexGen Enviro Systems, Inc. NexGen Enviro Systems, Inc. provides high performance solvent recovery systems for use in manufacturing, production, and fabrication sites. These solvent recyclers enable you to save money and time by reducing your reliance on virgin solvent purchasing, disposal services, and fees using the solvent recovery process. Businesses that can benefit from waste recovery system are those in aerospace, automotive, boat building, electronics, defense contractors, flexographic printing, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and more.

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