Blogging Life Made Easy by Globe Tattoo Broadband

I am always on the go. But since, I am a true blooded blogger; I need to be online almost all the time, as well as, everywhere. This is the main reason why I need to have a Globe Tattoo Broadband USB stick.

Through this revolutionary technology, I’m sure my blogging life will never be as easy as I will be able to surf any time of the day. Of course, I understand that it will not be as fast as my DSL connection at home, but I’ll be just as happy that I will be able to connect to the internet to check my emails, update my blogs and view online blogger opportunities, among others.

What really encourages me to buy this cool gadget is that it can provide me a better browsing experience by setting it to 3g only to obtain faster connection. On the other hand, for quick internet browsing, it is practical to switch to kb-based charging, this I never knew to be possible before; so to those who have already a Globe Tattoo Broadband and if you want to check your default browsing configuration, you may text STATUS to 1111.

Aside from this new useful and helpful information I learned, what I also like about this cool and handy gadget is the available Globe Tattoo Broadband New Skins that will match my personality and mood. I’ve seen various available skins at the Globe Tattoo Broadband Gallery.
Now, it is really a must-have. I really can’t wait to have one of my own.

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