Computer Chair

Few months ago, my husband's computer chair was broken. And until now, we have'nt got a replacement.

So before Christmas, I'm planning to visit an office furniture and look for a prefect gift for my husband.

Anyway, have you thought about buying a good computer chair? When you are shopping here are 8 things you would want to keep in your mind before buying a computer chair.

1. The height of the computer chair must be adjustable (a seat height of 16-21 inches from ground level is recommended). This is calculated with the height range of average people in mind. This ensures that the user of the office chair can firmly plant his/her feet on the floor.

2. Top priority must be given to office chairs that give adequate support to the lower back. This is one of the most common complaints of office goers everywhere.

3. The best ergonomic computer chairs can be adjusted both backward and forward.

4. Optimally, the back rest of your computer chair or the mesh chair must be 13-19 inches wide. It must be extended up to the lower back region, and its backward movement must be possible only in a locked axis.

5. Arm-rests that are broad and that can accommodate the arm from the elbow up to the upper wrist are an important feature in your perfect office chair.

6. The seat material of your computer chair should neither be too hard nor too cushiony. Sufficient padding, with a non-synthetic covering is recommended.

7. The ergonomic chair you purchase must be capable of swiveling for full 360 degrees.

8. Computer chairs with wheels are useful, for pulling the office chair along with you for very short distances, probably just around the desk. This is because, some amount of movement to your limbs is necessary between sedentary work hours. Mesh chairs must be fixed with wheels that are not too free-flowing.

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