Get Gloo'd together with your friends and family

There are a lot of things you can do online. You can shop, sell, watch videos, play games and get in touch with your friends. Speaking of getting in touch, I found a new way to communicate with your friends and loved ones online.

Gloo is an online scrapbook collaboration website wherein users can doodle and write things on a canvas in real time. Users can also embed and manipulate images, notes, videos. Gloo is not a social media site like Facebook or Friendster, but it is more of a real-time online collaboration tool.

In short, Gloo is like you are sharing your computer's desktop online. It is a common space to interact with your kids and family from abroad, barkada message board, planning events, collaboration tool for business meeting, collaboration board for school meetings.

Since my mom is in Los Angeles for the holiday season, I taught her how to use Gloo. With Gloo, it is easy to communicate with my mom (see our conversation below). Even my mom loves Gloo. It's new, fun, and easy way of interacting with your friends and family.

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Also, if you are a Globe Broadband user, you can get an all-access pass to Gloo. So, better get this exclusive offer now.

Not sure yet? You can inquire about Gloo online.

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