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Due to security issues that our country is experiencing today, especially at Maguindanao due to the so-called Maguindanao Massacre, which is a political-related mass murder, our country is now in immediate need of political leaders that can provide us the protection that every citizen of this country truly deserves.

Having honest and dedicated political leaders can only be achieved through an honest and wise decision on choosing the right person during the 2010 election. Good news to all the voters, especially to all the first time voters as Politicalarena.com is now live online to provide voter education about each presidential candidate, their platform of government, their values, objectives in running for the presidential office and their proposed solution to address the political issues, like violation of human rights and the latest and biggest political-related massacre,as well as, other valuable information that each voter may need in order to decide on whom to vote on the upcoming 2010 election.

As the Philippines’ first socio-political networking site working together with COMELEC, PPCRV and Youth Vote Philippines, Politicalarena.com features several ways on their site to encourage Filipino people to stand up and get involved in the 2010 national elections through various portals as it operates under the network of 88DB.com, the Philippines’ first rich media service portal.

As an active voter, I certainly visited the site several times to read the blog and read information about each presidential candidate so that I can be confident that I am voting for the right person, whom the future of our country will depend on the next six years. Also, I have shared my thoughts and ask political-related questions and discuss certain issues related to elections on the site’s political forum.

So, to all of you out there, who are 18 years old and above, I am now challenging you to take part and join me as we make a big change for our country.

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