I want a new car

My husband has a 1985 Mitsubishi Lancer. His parents bought it for him last year. I like it but I want to have my own car too. But with the car prices today, I can't afford one.

Though I learned some new tricks when negotiating the price of a car. Remember, it is important to start from a position of power. That means knowing the tricks of the trade and being prepared to use them.

When preparing for car price negotiations is to know the starting price of the car. Initially, this means doing some research in the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of the car.

A car price negotiator must understand the fine art of negotiation and the reality of how little negotiation actually takes place. He must be willing to discuss getting adding option without price increases and must also be willing to put his foot down when the salesman tries to increase the cost and value of the car by adding no options that the new owner neither wants or needs.

For the mean time, I'll save some moolah for me to buy a new car.

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