Lead The Change in 2010 with Knowledge Channel

As we are now nearly approaching the 2010 national and local elections, more people can now feel the “heat” that comes with the voting event. Issues between and among politicians are now rising as each of them tries to stain or damage the reputation of others, while laying their platforms for the nation and for the masses – that is if they are going to win.

Plans to elevate the poor from poverty, improve the current educational system and other “sweet promises” from these politicians can frequently be heard from their print, radio and tv campaign ads. But, I know that Filipino voters are now smart enough to believe their engaging words to bring the country forward.

Now, we must not depend on them if we really want to make a change. Just like what the The Knowledge Channel has initiated to help our country overcome those obstacles that hampered us to move forward. I am talking about the Lead the Change 2010 event that The Knowledge Channel has organized.

Lead The Change 2010 is an event on February 17, 2010 at the Rockwell Tent, where everyone who has or wants to make a change is invited. As the country’s movers and shakers, participants are expected to engage in a brilliant discussion where they would be able to come up with fruitful resolutions or solutions to help the country triumph over the crises that it is experiencing right now.

In addition to these, since it has been said that education is the key to success and that education can keep the family out of rumbling stomachs, it can be safely concluded that, indeed, education should be put on the top most priority if one aspires to make the country progressive. For years, this is what the Knowledge has been doing, helping schools deliver high-quality education to children by providing the institution with helpful instructional and education materials to assist the children to better understand their lessons in a more interesting way to make the learning fun.

Even an ordinary citizen, like us, can help provide a public school with Knowledge Channel by joining the event where you can share ideas and other valuable material things. For years, this has been the advocacy of the KCh, through the help of other NGO’s. Thousands of public schools, especially from rural and remote areas, are now enjoying the benefits of this advocacy and hopefully, the number of recipients of this project will exponentially increase so as to encourage more children to go to school, as well as parents, to enroll their children.

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